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Dave's Spice Racks offers free shipping in USA on all Maple counter racks.

Maple 3 Tier Wood Spice Racks; large selection sizes, Maple wood stain finishes.

Maple wood counter top racks featuring Dave's Spice Racks; Anti Rattle Off Maple wood shelf edge design.

Dave's Spice Racks offers free shipping in USA on all Maple counter racks. Order online.

Plain Shelf Design.

Anti Rattle Off Wood Shelf Edge Design.

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3 Tier Maple Wood Counter Spice Rack

Counter racks stand 12 3/4” tall.

Shelf spacing is 5 1/2”; bottom shelf. 4” in between the middle and top shelf. Maple racks are 3”deep.
3 tier Maple wooden counter spice racks will hold all your spice bottles up to 2 1/2” diameter.

Available in 14”,18”, 22”, 26” widths. Large selection wood finishes. Available in 7-10 days. USA

Three-tiered Maple wood spice rack handcrafted by Dave’s Spice Racks keeps spices organized and accessible. This spice and herb counter rack provides perfect preservation and easy selection of homegrown or bulk seasonings. Frequently-used spices won’t be hidden in cabinets. Convenient Maple counter top spice rack includes free shipping in USA.

Care and Use: Wipe clean Maple rack.

Dave’s Three Tier Maple wood counter racks are hand-crafted from Maple wood. Select the hand-rubbed Maple wood stain finish of your choice.

Dave's counter racks will work great for displaying your prized treasures also.

Need a Maple wood display case? We can do that for you. Contact Us

Maple Counter Rack; Plain Shelf Edge

Maple wood Counter Rack
Maple Wood Stains:
Maple Counter Racks

Custom Counter Racks Contact Us

Dave; Spice rack maker can build your counter top rack to fit around counter tops back splash and fit tight to the wall.
Dave can build your counter rack using your measurements; featuring my design or yours. Contact Us.

Maple wood Counter; Rack Rattle Off Edge

Maple wood Counter Rack; Rack Rattle Off Edge
Maple Wood Stains:
Maple Counter Racks
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Maple Counter Racks