5 Tier Wall Hung Wood Spice Racks

Handcrafted In Dave’s Plain Spice Rack Design With 5 Shelves; 5″ Shelf Spacing.

5 Tier Cherry Wood Spice Rack

5 Tier Wood Spice Racks

20" wide, 29" tall, 3" deep. Free Shipping In USA.

  • Rails above the shelf; Shelves will hold all your McCormick Spice containers 2½” inches deep, 4½" tall.

Large-rack will display your spices, herbs more using our 5-Tier Wood Spice Rack! When hung on a kitchen wall, you will have easy access to your spices and herbs. Long, open shelves provide ample space to create a neat and organized display that you will be thank full for!

Dave’s Spice Racks large 5 tier kitchen racks are handmade and built to be passed down for generations.

Tier wood spice racks are hand-crafted from your wood selection. Select the hand-rubbed wood stain finish of your choice.

Free shipping on Dave’s 5 tier spice racks. Order Online below at Dave’s Spice Racks.

Tracy Roberts; Works great! I just wish I would have had you make one more shelf.
Thanks Dave!   Need a large-rack contact us.

5 Tier Cherry Wood Spice Rack; $335.00 Shipping Included!

Cherry Wood Stain
5 Tier

Cherry Wood Stains

5 Tier Walnut Wood Spice Racks: $345.00 Shipping Included!

Walnut Wood Stain:
5 Tier

Walnut Wood Stains

5 Tier Pine Wood Spice Rack: $299.00 Shipping Included!

Pine Wood Stain:
5 Tier

Pine Wood Stains

5 tier Pine wood spice rack stains.

It's exactly what Judy wanted-color & size. Fits perfectly & easy to install, even for me!
Thank you for your contribution to a great Christmas.
Don Tait

5 Tier Oak Wood Spice Racks: $325.00 Shipping Included!

Oak Wood Stain:
5 Tier

Oak wood stain finishes.

Oak wood stain finishes.

5 tier Maple Wood Spice Racks: $330.00 Shipping Included!

Maple Wood Stain:
5 Tier

Maple Wood Stains

5 tier Ash Wood Spice Racks: $320.00 Shipping Included!

Ash Wood Stain:
5 Tier

Ash Wood Stains

Aromatic Red Cedar 5 tier Spice Rack; Natural wood finish. $305.00 Free Shipping

Aromatic Red Cedar Wood Stain:
5 Tier

5 Tier Basswood Spice Racks painted finishes: $349.00 Shipping Included!

Bass Wood Paints:
5 Tier

5 Tier Basswood Spice Racks with stain finish: $299.00 Free Shipping

Bass Wood Stain:
5 Tier