3 Tier Wooden Counter Racks

Available in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Pine, Ash, Red Elm, Aromatic Red Cedar Woods.

Your choice of 2 designs. Plain Shelf Edge Design | Anti-Rattle-Off Wood Shelf Edge.

Plain shelf edge design:

Plain shelf design.

Red Elm wood counter rack.

3 Tier Wooden Counter Spice Rack with 3 shelves.

Counter racks stand 12 3/4” tall.

Shelf spacing is 5 1/2”; bottom shelf. 4” in between the middle and top shelf. Counter spice racks are 3”deep.
3 tier wooden counter spice racks will hold all your spice bottles up to 2 1/2” diameter

Available in 14”,18”, 22”, 26” widths. Large selection wood finishes.  Available in 7-10 days USA.

Custom made counter racks made to fit your back-splash order on-line. Contact Us


Anti Rattle Off Wood Shelf Edge Design:

Rattle off wood shelf edge.

Anti-Rattle-Off wood shelf edge.

Rattle off wood shelf edge design keeps your spice bottles from sliding off shelf edge when being pushed around when organizing.

Dave’s counter racks will work great for displaying your prized treasures also.
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