3 Tier Wall Hanging Wood Spice Racks:

3 Tier Wood Spice Racks:

12",14", 18", 22", 26" wide; 17" tall; 2 1/2" & 3"deep.

Available in Plain & Personalized:Wood Spice Rack Designs.

3 key pegs for hanging your keys, pot holders or utensils in plain design.

2-4 key pegs in the Oak wood personalized design.

Mounting holes are countersunk in the back wood rail for easy hanging.

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3 Tier Oak wood spice rack.

Organize your kitchen.

Available in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Pine, Ash, Red Elm, Aromatic Red Cedar Woods.

Have your wood  spice rack personalized.

Personalized wood spice rack.

Dave’s Spice Racks will personalize your wood.

Dave’s personalized spice racks make unique wedding gifts. Give your mother, wife, girl friend one for her birthday, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion. She will be delighted.

My husband purchased one of your spice racks for my birthday and I just wanted to let you know that I love it! It is beautiful! Tiffany Brigner.

Custom spice racks built by Dave the spice rack maker are built to your specifications. You give me an idea of what you intend on storing on your shelves. Spice rack size; or area measurements. You now have a start to your new custom spice rack design. Contact Us to build your Custom Spice Rack.

Custom Spice Racks:

Custom Pine wood kitchen rack.

Custom made Pine wood spice rack. Order on-line.