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Counter racks handcrafted at Dave's Spice Racks ship free in USA.

Ash counter top racks 3 tier. Large selection; sizes, Ash wood stain finishes.

Dave's Spice Racks features Dave's Anti Rattle Off; Ash wood shelf edge design.

Plain Shelf Counter Rack Design

Anti Rattle Off Shelf Edge Design

3 tier Ash Wood Counter Top Spice Rack.

Counter racks stand 12 3/4” tall.

Shelf spacing is 5 1/2”; bottom shelf. 4” in between the middle and top shelf. Ash counter spice racks are 3”deep.
3 tier wooden Ash counter spice racks will hold all your spice bottles up to 2 1/2” diameter.

Anti Rattle Off shelf edge design; Keeps your spice bottles from sliding off shelf edge when being pushed around when organizing.

Available in 14”,18”, 22”, 26” widths. Large selection Ash wood finishes. Available in 7-10 days. USA

Three-tiered Ash wood counter top spice racks handcrafted by Dave’s Spice Racks; keeps spices organized and accessible. This spice and herb Ash counter rack provides perfect preservation and easy selection of homegrown or bulk seasonings. Frequently-used spices won’t be hidden in cabinets. Convenient Ash counter top spice rack includes free shipping in USA.
Care and Use: Wipe clean Ash counter rack.

Dave's counter racks will work great for displaying your prized treasures also.

Need a Ash display case? We can do that for you. Contact Us

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Ash Counter Racks; Plain Shelf

Ash Counter Racks
Ash Wood Stains:
Ash Wood Counter Racks

Have Dave build and design your custom counter top spice rack for you. We will work with you in designing your counter rack for your kitchen counter top. Give me some measurements and a little information on how you intend on using your handcrafted wooden counter spice rack. Then we can work out the details for your custom wooden counter rack. In 3-4 weeks you can have your custom kitchen counter rack setting on your counter top in your own home. Contact Us.

Dave's Counter spice racks make uniqe gifts for any occassion.

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Ash Wood Counter Racks

Ash Counter Racks; Anti Rattle Off Edge Design

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Ash Wood Counter Racks

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