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3 Tier Oak wood spice rack.

Organize your kitchen.

Wall Hanging Spice Racks

Free shipping USA.

Free Shipping In USA.
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Fast Delivery: 10-14 days.
Custom racks longer.

3 Tier Wall Hung Spice Racks

Oak Wall hung spice racks.

Plain Design; Large Selection; Woods, Sizes; Available 7-10 days in USA.

Personalized Design:

Personalized wood spice rack.

Dave’s Spice Racks will personalize your wood spice rack for you.


Counter Top Racks, Plain Shelf Design

Plain shel design.

Plain shelf design. Custom rack made to fit wall.

Anti-Rattle Off Wood Shelf Edge Design

3 tier Oak wood counter rack.

Anti Rattle-Off wood shelf edge. Custom made to fit the wall.


Custom Racks: Plain Design

Custom Pine wood wall hanging spice rack in Dave's Plain Spice Rack Design.

Make space in your cupboards. Dave’s Plain Spice Rack Design.

Classical Design:

Custom pine wood rack in classical design.

Classical Spice Rack Design. Bottom and top shelves are wider.

Combined Designs

Custom Walnut wood spice rack. Combined Spice Rack Designs. What ever you wish.

JoAnn’s Hand-Knit NFL Stocking Caps

JoAnns's Hand Knit Stocking Caps.

Hand Knit NFL Stocking Caps.


Dave’s Spice Racks Make Unique Gifts

Spice racks personalized make unique gifts.

Give your mother, wife, girl friend one of Dave’s Spice Racks for her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas  or any other special occasion. She will be delighted.

Have a look at all Dave’s main spice rack features …


3 Tier Wall Hung Spice Racks | Counter Racks

Oak Wall hung spice racks.

Oak 3 Tier spice racks with pegs.

Large Selection; Woods, Sizes; Available 7-10 days in USA.

Available in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Pine, Ash, Red Elm, Aromatic Red Cedar Woods.

Large Spice Rack Design

Large Cherry wood spice rack.

Large Cherry Wood Spice Rack. Free Shipping.

Available in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Pine, Ash, Basswood , woods.

Personalized Racks

Carved in fish skeleton on spice rack.

Pine Special; Fish skeleton comes standard.

Personalized Spice Racks: Leave your personalized message and we will carve in the rest.

Free Shipping on all Dave’s Spice Racks.

Custom made spice racks contact us.


Anti-Rattle Off Wood Shelf Edge;

Anti-Rattle Off Wood Shelf Edge

Lip on shelf edge keeps your spice bottles on the shelf.

Handcrafted Unique Wood Spice Racks built at Dave’s Spice Racks are made to be passed down for generations. That’s my guarantee.  

Dave’s Spice Racks | 215 Woodman St. | Grey Eagle, MN 56336 | phone: 320 285-2024 | davesspiceracks.com

Dear Dave, Just got your spice rack in and I am pleased as punch. The workmanship is second to none. I had the baby up and filled within 10 minutes of the freight coming in. The construction is perfect, the color matches my cupboards, and I am one happy camper. Thank goodness for cottage industries like you. Not a Made in China logo anywhere in sight. Best regards, John Glover Forks, Washington ( annual rainfall 12 ft a year)

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