Dave’s Spice Racks | 5 Tier Painted Spice Rack Plan | $369.99

Dave’s Spice Racks offers 5 Tier Kitchen Racks painted. Basswood painted wood racks are handcrafted in the USA. 5 tier Basswood  painted spice racks ship free in the United States. Over all measurements; 20″ wide, 29″ tall, 3″ deep. 5 shelves 3 inches deep; will hold all your McCormick Spice containers 2½” inches deep; 2 shelves with 5 inch shelf spacing, 2 shelves with 6 inch shelf spacing. Plus all the space above the top shelf.

Painted 5 Tier Spice Rack Colors Chart

Choose from the following colors. Select from Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, White.
Free Shipping In USA!!!
Bass Wood Paints: