roberta’s roasted garlic caesar salad

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I realize that the internet needs another recipe for caesar salad as much as it probably needs another new spin on chocolate chip cookies (<a href="">guilty as charged, of course</a>). Thus, it was nowhere on my agenda to suggest one. Plus, I&rsquo;ve told you before that the only caesar dressing I need in my life is my hopelessly, unapologetically inauthentic one &mdash; no raw yolks, no tinned fish, and keeps in the fridge for a month, easily &mdash; which I&rsquo;ve shared <a href="">in some form over here</a> and in <a href="">Smitten Kitchen Every Day</a> (in a salad with broken eggs and crushed croutons that you need in your life, trust me). 

pre-toast the walnutsplus sugar and spicemix it up, then bake themspicy candied walnuts

But earlier this year I was invited to be on Cherry Bombe Radio, which records at the Heritage Radio Studios, which broadcasts from two recycled shipping containers behind the Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick, at the edge of the garden where many of Roberta’s ingredients are grown. My son was home from school that day and I do not know what the 9 year-olds in your life are like, but if I told the one I’ve been assigned that I was going to be hanging out somewhere eating legendarily delicious pizza and not invite him along, he’d (rightly) declare it excessive cruelty. So he came along and along with pizza, ordered the very caesar-y romaine salad with candied walnuts and he declared it the best salad he’d ever eaten and begged me to make it at home. Again, I don’t know what the grade-schoolers in your life are like but I consider it a general rule that if a kid requests salad, they get it.

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