chocolate caramel tart

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Shortly after my husband and I began dating &mdash; the dark ages; no seriously, his phone at the time looked like <a href=";source=lnms&amp;tbm=isch&amp;sa=X&amp;ved=0ahUKEwi-wuDV8IvfAhUGTN8KHfZUB3wQ_AUIDigB&amp;biw=1440&amp;bih=777#imgrc=mwjJlvSEaUrOUM:">this</a> and I was like whoa, look how fancy you are, dude &mdash; we went on a road trip somewhere, stopped at a gas station, and I told him to grab something candy-ish, surprise me. This boy came back to the car with a pack of Rolos, and honestly, it&rsquo;s amazing we didn&rsquo;t break up right then and there because Rolos are terrible candy and it&rsquo;s about time someone said it. [Oh I can hear the reverberations of a thousand unfollows but I will absolutely die on this hill, and remain undeterred.] They&rsquo;re gooey so they give off the appearance, the suggestion, of being good candy but the goo tastes like nothing. I feel this way about all caramel that appears inside candy bars, which tastes me more like thickened corn syrup than anything <a href="">toasty and nuanced</a>. Plus, they&rsquo;re inside a milk chocolate shell, so it&rsquo;s sweet against sweet, no contrast whatsoever, and so help you if you don&rsquo;t eat them in a single bite, I hope you enjoy having sticky hands for the rest of the drive. I know, I know what you&rsquo;re thinking: it&rsquo;s an absolute mystery how I ended up with suck a <a href="">picky</a> <a href="">child</a>. 

In my unsolicited opinion, three things could improve Rolos: a real toasty, buttery caramel, the contrast of dark chocolate, and a bit of salt. As good caramel is gooey, we’re not going to fight it, but that’s what plates and forks are for.

dry ingredients for shellblend up the crustchocolate tart crustpressed in and trimmedfoil tightly, no weightsmelt the sugar and cook until amberadd butter, then creamblurry poured caramelcooled caramel layerchopped chocolate or chipschocolate and creamspread the ganache

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