cabbage and mushroom “lasagna”

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In July, because I make no sense at all, I decided to knock an item off my To Cook list that&rsquo;s been there since 2010, a golden, bubbling, layered dish of mushrooms, cabbage, thinly sliced potatoes bound with a <a href="">bechamel</a> sauce and topped with cheese. Talk about beach eats! 

But a craving is a craving and I made it with the thought that we could try it, then freeze the rest until that whole December – January zone when the sun sets at approximately 3:32pm and the only way to endure it is to channel some Scandinavian coziness and make it, like, fashion. Candles! Thick sweaters! Tea, a good book, and soft music. Long-cooked winter vegetables snug in a rich casserole.

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