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Dave the spice rack maker builds top quality wood spice racks handcrafted at Dave's Spice Racks company.

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I am not a writer. I am a skilled wood worker and I am trying to devote most of my time to it.
I have been building and restoring furniture; in construction work for the past 45 years. My father started me out quite young. Now I am too wore out for the construction end. Trying to make a living on the other end peddling spice racks and handcrafted home furnishings we build and design at Dave's Spice Racks.
Now they call me Dave the spice rack maker.
Dave's Spice Racks is a small woodworking shop located in central MN between the lakes and among the woods.
I enjoy what I am doing. I get even more enjoyment from a satisfied customer after I just finished a unique wood spice rack job. I like to keep my spice rack designs simple, unique and functional.
I like to take advantage of all the great resources I have access to around me. Unwanted trees that lost there welcome from neighbors and friends. I try to make something creative out of all the tree. You have to think green all the way down to the packing and shipping end.

I am not a wood butcher. I take great pride in preserving the environment. It's going to take a whole lot more effort from everybody to get this world shaped up. I enjoy nature and its beauty and I would like to see it around for a while.
Skilled crafts man at Dave's Spice Racks are proud of the skilled crafts man ship they devote to all our unique wood spice racks built at Dave's Spice Racks.

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