Custom Made Wood Spice Racks For The Kitchen

Custom Wood Spice Racks In Unique Spice Rack Designs

Plain Spice Rack Design:

Custom Pine wood wall hanging spice rack in Dave's Plain Spice Rack Design.

Make space in your cupboards. Dave’s Plain Spice Rack Design.

You also have the options on adding Pegs, Personalized, Anti-Rattle Off shelf edge design on all of Dave’s spice rack designs.

Give us an idea of what you like; Kind of wood; What you intend on storing on your rack and size of containers. Picture of the area can also be helpful. Then Dave the rack maker can give you an estimate. Draw up a sketch for you and work out the details. Large rack contact-us.

Classical Spice Rack Design

Personalized custom spice rack.

Personalized Oak spice rack in Dave’s Classical design.


Classical spice rack design the bottom and top shelves are wider(3”-5”). Middle spice shelves are less narrow(2.5”-3”).

Custom spice racks built by Dave the spice rack maker are built to your specifications. You give me an idea of what you intend on storing on your spice shelves; Spice rack size or the area measurements. A picture of the area you intend on hanging your custom made spice rack can also help me out in the spice rack design.

Contact-Us: Dave’s Spice Racks to get a quote on your custom spice rack.

Combined Spice Rack Designs:

Large custom wood spice rack. Anti-Rattle Off wood shelf edge design.

Large custom wood spice rack with Dave’s Anti-Rattle-Off wood shelf edge in classical design.

Dave the rack maker can implement any spice rack design you like into your wood rack.

Custom Counter Racks:

Plain shel design.

Plain shelf design. Custom rack made to fit wall.

Custom Made 3 Tier Counter Racks made to fit your counter tops back_splash.


Dave’s Custom Spice Racks