The Cast-Iron Pan That’s Light as a Feather

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There are so many things to love about cast-iron cookware. Whether it’s the durability, next-level heat distribution, or the sentimental value of owning one that was once your grandparent’s, the traditional cookware material has a loyal fanbase.

Even the biggest enthusiasts have to admit though, cast iron is heavy. Even the smallest cast-iron skillet in our Shop—the lovely Staub Mini Cast-Iron Fry Pan, 6″—weighs in at just over two pounds, compared to a skillet of the same size made from stainless steel or non-stick ceramic. While the weight is understandable—cast-iron pieces are made with thicker walls to increase durability to help protect them from cracking due to thermal shock—it can become tiring when cooking begins to feel strangely reminiscent of arm day at the gym. Luckily, the Japanese cookware brand Vermicular sought out to remedy that complaint. Enter: the Vermicular Lightweight Japanese Cast-Iron Frying Pan.



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