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Sale Pine Wood Spice Rack Classical Design

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Sale Pine rack 3 tier personalized. Choice of personalization, Pine wood stains.

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3 Tier Personalized Pine Wood Spice Rack; Classical Design

Classical Spice Rack Design

3 Tier Pine Rack Classical Design:

Fish skeleton is carved on to peg board on Pine wood spice rack.

Fish skeleton or your personalized greeting is burnt in to carving on spice racks peg board. Your choice; Fish Skelton or your personalized information.

Overall Pine Spice Rack dimensions. 17" tall, 14" wide, 3" deep.

Top and bottom shelf on wooden wall hung spice rack in classical design will hold all your spice bottles up to 2 1/2" diameter. Up to 6" tall. Top and bottom shelves are 3" deep.

    • Middle shelf on Dave's  wall hung pine 14" spice rack in classical design will hold all your spice bottles up to 2" diameter. Up to 6" tall. Middle shelf is 2 1/2" deep.

    • 14" Pine 3 tier wooden wall hanging spice rack comes with 3 shelves and 2 key pegs for hanging your keys or pot pads.

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Mounting holes are countersunk in the back wood slat of the Pine wood spice rack for easy hanging. Available in 7-10 days USA.

Custom made Pine wood spice racks;

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Pine 14 inch Spice Rack Personalized


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