3 tier spice racks plans in unique designs. No More Hunting the Junk Drawer – Get Instant Access to Your Essentials with Wall Hung Racks Who wouldn't love the idea of tidying up the kitchen counter? No matter what size of kitchen you have, the space always seems less. Let's get you out of the never-ending state of seeing your kitchen as an aftermath of a disaster. Yes, it's time to bid farewell to cluttered counters, cabinets, and pantries. Introducing the Dave’s Handcrafted Wall Racks as an effective and attractive medium to keep your kitchen organized and also increase its aesthetic appeal. Sounds good? Wait till we tell you about more benefits. • They are Multipurpose: Yes, you can use these ultimate wall-mounted shelves for almost anything. Store your spice jars, oil jars, cosmetics, or install them in your bathroom, garages, studios, or workshops; the Dave's Handcrafted Wall Racks provide easy access to all the necessary things that get lost in the heaps of clutter. • Get Customized Racks Dave does not believe in a one-shoe-fits-all strategy and offers custom solutions to your individual needs. You can get yourself anything from their extensive range of woods. They provide top-quality Cherry, Oak, Maple, Red Elm, Walnut, Ash, Pine, Aromatic Red Cedarwoods in either 3-Tier or 5-Tier racks. • Ample Space The shelves provide ample storage to accommodate a lot of your stuff. There are numerous width options ranging from 12″, 14″, 18″, 22″, and 26″ to choose the one that best fits your needs. Moreover, the height of the rack is 17 ¼," and the racks are 2 ½″ or 3″ deep. The 2 ½″ deep wooden racks will hold bottles with 2” diameter whereas, the 3″ deep racks will hold up to 2 ½″ diameter bottles. The maximum height the racks support is 6". Add more functionality, warmth, and a classic twist to your interiors. The wall-hung racks provide the ideal solution to accommodate all your belongings effortlessly. A better-looking kitchen is just a click away. Contact us NOW to place your custom order for a wall-hung wooden spice rack.

Oak Wood Spice Racks; Click on the + icon to order.

Available Stain Finishes


Spice rack for top drawers - Officine Gullo

Spice rack B model for 40 or 60 cm top drawers (PNS4 / PNS6). Request information about this product.
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The Spice Rack tank stave imbues a plethora of flavors such as baking spices and maple syrup. In addition, you'll find aromas of dried citrus and a medium body.

Wall-Hung wood rack's ship free in USA.

Wall storage in a large selection; sizes, stains, woods.

I'm sure everyone has constant struggle in the kitchen is to find some where with enough visual space to store your containers. Dave's Oak spice rack provides you an easy view of your containers. They can be easily organized the way you prefer.

 Have yours personalized if you like.

Dave’s Spice Racks you can have your wall hung wood spice rack personalized with your line or greeting. Dave the spice rack maker will carve in your personalized message you left in text box. Maybe you prefer a simple small logo. Contact Dave and have the spice rack maker work out a personalized spice rack plan for you. Our 3 Tier personalized wall racks are typically ready for shipping within 5-10 business days. A better-looking kitchen is just a click away. Contact us NOW to place your order for a 3 Tier wall-hung personalized wooden spice rack today.

There's plenty of room for containers large and small, and this versatile 3 Tier  assembly installs easily and gives you plenty of access while you're cooking.

Available in 12", 14", 18", 22" and 26" wide. 2 1/2" or 3" deep. 17 ¼" tall.

Dave’s Three Tier wood  rack's are hand-crafted from Oak wood with the hand-rubbed wood finish of your choice.

Personalized Oak Rack Design:

2-4 key pegs in the personalized design.

3 key pegs in the 3 Tier wall-hung plain design.

2 1/2" deep: wood units will hold all your bottles up to 2" diameter. Up to 6" tall.

3" deep: wooden units will hold all your bottles up to 2 1/2" diameter. Up to 6" tall.

Mounting holes are countersunk in the wood rail.  Making easy hanging of your wood wall hung storage.

Shipping 10-14 days. Shipping free in USA.

Custom made Oak spice rack; contact us at Dave's Spice Racks.

Because of all the rack options offered.  Dave basically builds each wood rack as custom made. Since each unit is built based on our current work order schedule.

Oak spice racks personalized make unique gifts for any occasion.

Oak Wood Spice Racks handcrafted at Dave’s Spice Racks are made to be passed down for generations.

That’s my guarantee!

Northern Red Oak's: From men-of-war to kitchen cabinets, always number one.
To England's ancient druids, the oak's symbolized strength. Warlike Norsemen even cherished pieces of the wood as charms to protect them from evil. But to the Greeks, Romans, and later seafaring nations, wood meant sturdy men-of-war and reliable merchant ships. In fact, England and France reserved whole forests for use in building their fleets. That's why red oak from North America saw immediate popularity when it was introduced to those countries in the early 18th century. Within a few years, northern red oak's substituted for native English and European species and was crafted into Oak wood spice rack's,  furniture and paneling. Even after centuries of popularity, northern red still outsells all other hardwoods. And luckily, it's plentiful, comprising about one fifth of the standing timber species grouped as red oak.
Wood identification; The broad, spreading crown of the northern red oak (Quercus rubra) shades the landscape in a sweeping range that covers nearly half the U.S. and much of southeastern Canada, as shown on the map. More commonly called red , but also known as eastern red , gray, and Canadian red oak's, the tree can grow to 150' heights with trunks 6' in diameter in fertile upland forest soil. Open grown trees more often approach only 70', with trunks that separate into several large branches. Northern red oak's has distinctive leaves up to 9" long, with a pointed bristle on each lobe tip. In the spring, flowing catkins of pollen-bearing flowers emerge amid the greenery. Acorns about 1" long develop every two years. Rare is the board of northern red oak that carries a trace of its light-colored sapwood. Instead, the vast majority of northern red oak's treat woodworkers to nicely figured heartwood with a pinkish tint. You'll find that northern red oak spice rack has coarse-textured, straight, open grain. This hard, stiff, strong wood weighs 44 pounds per cubic foot dry-just a little more than walnut.
If you are planning on doing an outdoor project that will be exposed to moisture, choose white over red.