3 Tier Wall Hung Spice Racks

Wood Spice Racks For The Home

Dave's 3 Tier Wood Spice Racks Handcrafted In The USA.

Plenty of room for spices large and small. Dave's versatile 3 Tier wall hanging wood spice racks install easily. Most of all they give you plenty of access while you are cooking. Spices are arraigned in your likes.  Making containers easy for you to find.

3 Tier Spice Racks are available in 12, 14, 18, 22 and 26 inches wide. 2 1/2 inches or 3 inches deep. 17 ¼ inches tall.
Large selection; sizes, stains. Handcrafted at Dave's Spice Racks in your choice of woods. Cherry, Oak, Maple, Walnut, Ash, Pine, Red Elm, Aromatic Red Cedar woods. We may not have your wood selection. If not contact-us.
Have your wood spice rack personalized with your line or greeting. Wood spice racks personalized make unique gifts for any noteworthy occasion.
Shipping 10-14 days. Shipping Free on all Dave's wood spice racks handcrafted in the USA.

Custom Spice Racks

Wood spice racks Custom Made

Dave will design a custom-made wood spice rack for your home.

You can design your custom spice rack you have been dreaming about.

First of all you give me your dimensions and ideas. Dave will figure out a design that works out best for your home.

Above all; wood spice racks handcrafted at Dave’s Spice Racks keep spices organized and accessible. Spices won’t be hidden in kitchen cabinets. Freeing up very valuable space in your kitchen cupboards.
Check out Dave's unique spice rack designs. Dave's designs may assist you in designing your custom kitchen rack . The rack you have been all ways dreaming about.

3 Tier Painted Counter Racks

3 Tier Wooden Counter Top Racks; Featuring Dave’s Anti-Rattle Off wood shelf edge design.

Ideal shelf design for your short spice containers.

Best of all this feature gives you a clear view of your spice labels. In addition the shelf has a lip rail. Thus keeping all your spice containers from sliding off shelf edge; when being pushed around organizing.

In conclusion Dave's rattle off shelf edge design is handcrafted. Above all it is found in a large selection; woods, sizes, stain finishes.

Available 7-10 business days in USA. Free Shipping On Dave's Custom Made Counter Racks.

Dave's Large 5 Tier Spice Rack Design.

Dave's 5 Tier Spice Racks measure 20 inches wide. Stand 29 inches tall.

5 shelves 3 inches deep.
5 Tier Kitchen Racks are available;  in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Pine, Ash, Red Elm, Aromatic Red Cedar, and Basswood woods.
Large selection of wood finishes to choose from.

Available 10-14 business days. Free Shipping in USA.

Sale: Pine Spice Rack

Pine Spice Rack Personalized In Classical Design

Pine spice rack 14 inches wide. Classical spice rack design personalized.

Dave’s Personalized Spice Racks make unique gifts for any occasion.
Ordering Personalized Spice Racks: Leave your personalized message in text box.  Dave the spice rack maker  will carve in the rest.

Dear Dave

Dear Dave; Just got your spice rack in and I am pleased as punch. The workmanship is second to none. I had the baby up and filled within 10 minutes of the freight coming in. The construction is perfect, the color matches my cupboards, and I am one happy camper. Thank goodness for cottage industries like you. Not a Made in China logo anywhere in sight. Best regards, John Glover Forks, Washington ( annual rainfall 12 ft a year)