Experiment 07 — iPad, Power Search, and Paged Scrolling

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Experiment 07 comes with 5 different parts we want to share and discuss with you: iPad/Tablet Preview, Power Search, Settings, Paged Scrolling, and Pro upgrade – all on both Android and iOS.

iPad and Android Tablet

After twelve weeks of phone exploration, it is time to shift our focus to the tablet and see how some of the innovation translate to a bigger screen. In Experiment 07, we are sharing with you some ideas we have around how the iPad compact, text-only, magazine, and cards view might look like.

Questions for the community

Question 1 – Are you satisfied with how the new mobile views look on the iPad and Android Tablets?

Question 2 – Are you satisfied by the new navigation model and the side-by-side implementation?

We look forward to your feedback on the #ipad slack channel.

Power Search

Power Search is the ability for you to search for specific articles in your Feedly feeds and boards. You can think of it as a personalized search engine focusing only on the sources you trust. It is one of the top Feedly Pro features. In Experiment 07, we implemented a mobile-friendly version of the experience available on the Web.

Like on the Web, you can use operators (AND, OR, quotes, etc..) to refine your searches and use filters to narrow the result to the right sources, content time or popularity.

Questions for the Pro community

Question 3 – Are you satisfied with the new mobile Power Search user experience? Where you able to easily find a specific article in your Feedly?

Question 4 – Is there a feature we could add to Power Search to make it more useful to you?

Please join the 07-power-search channel on Slack if you would like to discuss the Power Search feature with the product team.


As part of the continuous polish effort, we added settings support. You can now access the settings panel from the bottom of the left navigation bar and customize: the theme, the start page, the auto-mark-as-read behavior, the default view, and many more features.


The lack of paged scrolling has been one of the biggest “snakes” in the new design. About 10 % of the users seem to prefer paged scrolling to the new smooth scrolling. We decided last week to try to understand more. We created a private Slack channel with the 75 people who were not satisfied with the new smooth scrolling. Through these conversations, we learned that what users really liked about the old experience is that it made it easy to not over-scroll or under-scroll and empowered users to scroll through content faster.

As part of Experiment 7, we are pushing out an idea a few users suggested: it would be nice to have a preference which would allow you to have some kind of intelligent scrolling that would automatically stop at the right place.

If you go to the new settings panel, you will see a “Paged” scrolling option that should allow you to play with this idea.

Question to the community

Question 5 – If you are part of the “I miss the old scrolling” camp, is this option enough to remove all the frustration caused by the lack of productivity? Let us know in the 01-scrolling channel

Upgrade to Pro

As part of Experiment 07, we now allow non-pro users to upgrade to Pro and either unlock some interesting feature or just back Feedly. To thank the Lab community, this mobile upgrade to Pro offers a free 30-day trial.

Question to the community

Question 6 – If you end up trying the upgrade experience, please let us know what you think and if there are friction points we could remove.

Question 7 – If you are not a Pro user, please let us know if there is a feature we could add to the Pro offering to inspire you to upgrade!

Please use the 08-pro Slack channel for all the Pro related conversations.

Next Three Weeks

The focus of the next 3 weeks is to finalize the iPad implementation and polish as much as we can.

Question 8 – If you still see any gaps preventing you from using the new Lab app as your primary reading/research experience, we would love to hear about them.

We would like to thank once again everyone in the Lab community for participating in this giant experiment and helping us design the best Feedly possible. Your feedback and ideas help us better understand how you use the product and how to optimize and refine our decisions.

-Edwin, Petr, and Emily

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