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Cherry Wood Counter Racks Online Dave's Spice Racks

Cherry Counter Top Racks ship free in USA.

Dave's Spice Racks features 3 tier Cherry wood counter racks in a large selection; sizes, Cherry wood stain finishes.

Cherry wood counter racks handcrafted at Dave’s Spice Racks are made to be passed down for generations. That’s my guarantee!

Cherry Spice Rack; Plain Design

3 Tier Cherry Wood Counter Top Spice Racks

Anti Rattle Off Shelf Edge Design

Anti Rattle Off shelf edge design; Keeps your spice bottles from sliding off shelf edge when being pushed around when organizing.

Counter racks stands 12 3/4” tall.
Shelf spacing is 5 1/2”; bottom shelf. 4” in between the middle and top shelf. Counter spice racks are 3”deep.

3 tier wooden counter spice racks will hold all your spice bottles up to 2 1/2” diameter.

Available in 14”,18”, 22”, 26” widths. Large selection wood finishes.

Ready to ship in 7-10 days USA.

Dave’s Three Tier Cherry wood counter racks are hand-crafted from Cherry hard wood. Select the hand-rubbed Cherry wood stain finish of your choice.

Cherry Wood Counter Rack; Plain Design

Cherry wood Counter Racks
Cherry Wood Stains:

Custom made counter racks made to fit your back-splash order on-line. Contact Us

Dave's counter racks will work great for displaying your prized treasures also.

Need a display case? We can do that also for you. Contact Us

With all the spice rack options offered at Dave\'s Spice Racks; Basically each Cherry wood spice rack is custom built. Since each rack is built based on our current order schedule.

Cherry Counter Rack; Anti Rattle Off Edge

Cherry wood Counter; Rattle Off Edge
Cherry Wood Stains:
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