Betty’s Pots de Crème

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pots de creme recipe

We served this dessert at our wedding over three years ago, and it’s high time to share the recipe with you! Our family has been calling this recipe “chocolate mousse” for years but it’s much closer to a French recipe called pots de crème, which translates to jars of cream. 

These chocolate pots de crème are luscious, creamy, rich, and decadent. They are such fun desserts to offer at a party in individual servings. A little goes a long way, and that’s why I love them. I’d rather have a small portion of incredible dessert than a large portion of so-so dessert. 

pots de creme ingredients

This miniature dessert comes from my husband’s Great-Aunt Betty. I wonder how many times Betty has whipped up this recipe in her vibrant 97 years. My husband’s mom makes them now, and you’re almost guaranteed to find these little treats in their freezer at any given time. We were thrilled when our wedding bakery agreed to make the family recipe to serve alongside our wedding cake!

This foolproof recipe comes together quickly in the blender—no baking, no straining, no fussing. Blend it up and chill it (you can even freeze these cups for the months ahead). I hope this recipe becomes one of your family traditions, too.

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