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The Mobile+AI Lab is now 4,000 strong! It is an incredible learning opportunity for us. It feels great to see the community actively participate in the key design decisions.

The most popular feature request from the past 2 weeks is the ability to swipe between open articles.

John took some time this week to enable swiping in the Lab app. Now, when you have an article open, you can swipe to the previous or next article without having to go back to the list.

We are also taking advantage of this build to add some other feature requests and bug fixes.

Questions for the community

Question 1 – What are the missing features or design frustrations preventing you from switching to the Lab app from the old Feedly app? Please let us know in the #general channel of the Lab Slack.

Question 2 – Do you use Feedly on an iPad? Did you join the new #ipad channel on Slack?

Here is the detailed changelog:

  • Fixed “Edit source settings freeze” Thank you Paul Adams and DCDawg
  • Fixed “Nav bar is clipped on iPhone SE iOS 12” Thank you curiouscamilo and Heals
  • Fixed “Long press to open mark-as-read options on iPhone 6”
  • Removed “Second level hide gesture feels dangerous and confusing” Thanks JayDB
  • Added “Double tap to close an article”
  • Fixed “Honor visit website directly preference” Thank you Daron B, Dan Newman, Scott S.
  • Started “Landscape mode support” Thank you kolepard and Borja L.
  • Fixed “Amazon link crash” Thank you audioper
  • Fixed “Allow paste for the password in the Login screen and search screen” Thank you Patrick, Dwight McKay, Lars, sonofcy, Paul Adams
  • Fixed “Adding sources in discovery does not work” Thank you Alex Frances
  • Added “Define option to text selection menu”

-Edwin, Emily, and Petr

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