5 Weeknight Dinners to Make This Week, Family Edition

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The Wall Street Journal just published a riff on the quiet quitting trend titled “Try Hard, but Not That Hard. 85% is the Magic Number for Productivity.” This is valuable advice (that I will probably never follow). But it leads me to wonder: If you give even 85 percent of yourself at work, what does that leave for your weeknight meal game? In my home, it doesn’t add up to much.

On school nights, if my family of four can sit together at the table and actually eat the same thing two out of five weekdays, I consider that a win. The other nights, when practices and games and after-work drinks send us in different directions, I play short order cook or Doordash concierge. That means that the magic weeknight dinner effort in my household is at a measly 40 percent (though I often make up for lost time on the weekends).



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