5 Weeknight Dinners For When You Want Leftovers

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In New York, we’ve just exited the ‘season’ named Second Summer, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: A weird period of time—mostly in early September—where temperatures fluctuate to briefly mirror the summery hell we just left behind. This ‘season’ (I say this loosely, as this is not an official time, just an observation by other New Yorkers) is bookended by False Fall (a brief reprieve from the heat, usually three to five days long), and Actual Fall. And Actual Fall is off to a cold, foggy, rainy start. Yay.

To get me through this weird week where I feel deeply unmotivated, but very hungry (always), I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite weeknight dinners I like to make while watching fall-themed rom-coms (Practical Magic anyone?) or hosting pals for a mid-week social boost.



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