34 Easy Soup Recipes to Slurp All Winter Long

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A simmering pot of soup brimming with chunky vegetables and warm spices is a hallmark of fall and winter cooking. Soup should be easy to make and comforting to consume. While many recipes require hours to make and a dozen or more ingredients, simple soups that take less than an hour and employ basic pantry staples have us feeling, well, thankful. For all of the following heavy hitters, if you have a pot, olive oil, a couple of vegetables, stock, and a few key herbs and spices, you’re good to go.

These 34 recipes run the gamut from creamy bisques and chunky chowders to hearty chicken- and beef-based soups you can make in your slow cooker or Instant Pot. And though their flavors vary wildly, we can guarantee that they’re all stress-free—and totally delicious. Not sure what to serve them with? Don’t forget to check out our best winter salad recipes and favorite cozy dessert ideas, too.



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